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I have been working on a new website, combining 2 of them into one and adding new things.  Yesterday I was thinking about how God speaks through laughter and I prayed that the Lord would bring laughter back into my heart.

This morning I was wondering if He had anything to say and I clicked on this link and I laughed!  He is so funny and answers even the simplest care.

[Put your speakers on]

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@Registered Member,

That's cute! I chuckled at that.

I love to laugh those belly laughs, where it hurts, because you've laughed so much. Having 2 dogs, sure makes that possibility happen a lot more.

Oh, just yesterday, my daughter bought a new dog toy.

It was an ELEPHANT!

I told her, you know this represents intercessors!   (She didn't know that!)

It really is amusing, how God speaks and confirms.


Now that one really made me laugh!!!  This has been one of those weeks that I have had so much on my plate that I have been going in circles!  I literally asked Ray today when we were in town getting supplies for renovations we are starting tomorrow, what am I forgetting to get?  He told me he would tell me as soon as he remembered!    Sometimes you just have to laugh!

Oh my, Robbie that is hilarious!  The fact that your hubbie told you that he would remember as soon as he remembered is a confirmation.  I am so glad you shared this, it is a big answer to my question. 

I feel the Lord is telling me that people have gone through an overload this season... something regarding all the bad news, and changes in life. I feel it has stupefied us as a result of having gone through shock and change.  It has affected our bearings in the Lord.  

Lord help us to come back into alignment, with Your comfort and power to bring us back to life and full strength in Jesus name.  Let us find our bearings in You where we are fully engaged and present in Your now, and where we are plugged in and know what we are doing!  Give us the rest we need too Lord, so that You can pour strength back into us.

@Registered Member

Yes Lord please!!!  I need to get my mind back on track so I can do what I need to do without having to redo stuff just because I forgot something!!!  Lord, we can do nothing without you and you created us with balance which I know IS NOT as you created it right now so Lord please adjust whatever needs adjusting in us in order that we can do what we need to do!!!  PERFECTLY ALIGNED with FULL STRENGTH in Jesus name!!!  Thank you Lord!!!  Amen!!!!!

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