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Beloveds, learn from Enoch’s life, for he pleased Me and I took him unto Myself. Enoch diligently sought Me, it was his desire to bring Me pleasure by fully walking in righteousness, in full agreement with Who I Am. Enoch wanted to know Me and therefore sought every opportunity to diligently seek Me. Enoch’s hunger and thirst for Me brought Me the greatest of pleasure. His longing drew My own and we communed together.

Enoch was translated many times before he was no longer found on earth. I gave Enoch visions and dreams. I took him to heaven and opened his eyes and ears to My world. Enoch heard My voice and saw My glory as I sat upon My throne. He saw the secrets of heaven and many mysteries unfold. He saw mansions in heaven and how the actions of men are weighed in the balance. He saw the secrets of the universe and the unfolding of its history. It gave Me great pleasure to share these things with Enoch, who scribed them for Me, in Enoch’s book. Consider his life, for Enoch pleased Me.

Hebrews 11:5-6 By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God. 6 But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

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Bless you, dear Sandy!

This connects to what has been highlighted to me since last week. I've had some things on my heart, and I was reminded when Tao said in a post to me that I am to minister to the Lord.

Last week I went on a search to see deeper into what that means exactly. I found a wonderful lesson on ministering to the Lord. And this post is a confirmation of that which also spoke about bringing pleasure to God and about Enoch (smile). I had a few eyes glances at the audio Book of Enoch on my pad, I guess this is letting me know it's now time to listen to it. Thank You, Lord, for having Sandy post this!

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I love the word, it is encouraging!

I read this about Enoch from Rick Joyner's book "THE PATH".

"The more he sought the LORD, the more joyful he became".

I told the LORD often "I wanted this to be true in my life."

The Bible tells a little about Enoch, but he is a very fascinating figure. I knew more about him from Rick's book "THE TORCH AND SWORD" and "THE PATH". Rick met Enoch in the prophetical experience.

Enoch was a man full of life with abundant love and great joy.

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