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When I AM about to visit a region I send forth My servants to prepare My coming. They prepare the spiritual climate by declaring My Word into the atmosphere and preparing hearts to receive. My servants are in essence saying, “Prepare for your day of visitation!” Their proclamations change the heavens above and releases things below. When I move upon a region, it is to visit them and to release upon them a great deliverance. Why am I telling you this? This is a warning, loved ones, – that your day of visitation is nigh at hand. Be ready!

Luke 10:1 AMP
Now after this the Lord chose and appointed seventy others and sent them out ahead of Him, two by two, into every town and place where He Himself was about to come (visit).

Matt 3:1-3 NLT
In those days John the Baptist began preaching in the Judean wilderness. His message was, “Turn from your sins and turn to God, because the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” Isaiah had spoken of John when he said, “He is a voice shouting in the wilderness ’Prepare a pathway for the Lord’s coming! Make a straight road for him!’ ”

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Hi, Miss Sandy, when I read this post I immediately thought of Genesis 21:1 "And the LORD visited Sarah as He had said, and the LORD did for Sarah as He had spoken."

Today, I have been pondering promises the LORD has made me over the last several years. His Words have been swirling around me again as of late and I receive what He is saying through your post. He is so good about sending His Word and His messengers to us over and over to prepare our hearts to receive what He has for us! It reminds me of your Word about Eggspectations, the end result of the promise may look different than what we have been expecting, but we get glimpses of His promise at predetermined stages. He keeps sending those reminders and glimpses so that we will not lose heart along the way.

I'm praying for my QWN family right now that all those who are waiting on the LORD to visit them and perform His Word—whether personal promises or corporate—will be sensitive and open to His Word and messengers that are swirling around them right now, saying "Prepare the way of the LORD!" And as we see His miracles coming to pass in our lives may that spill over onto others as well.


Much love and many blessings,


Excited about what is happening in the supernatural.

I would like some explanation for what I have been noticing recently. Very very often when I look at the time on my phone it is a combination of 1 and 0 so it could be 11.00 or 10.00 or 11.10 or 11.01 and numbers like that. I would normally not notice this happening but since I am taking note I wonder if it is the Lord saying something and I am missing it. If any one has an insight I will be grateful. 

Thank you for you post Sandy I am so excited. 

Hi Lisa, thank you for your additions and thank you very much for your prayers for the QWN!

I had a vision when I read your entry.  I read this sentence, <<Today, I have been pondering promises the LORD has made me over the last several years. >>

Then I had the below vision, BEFORE I read your next sentence: <<His Words have been swirling around me again as of late>>


Before reading that His Words were swirling around you, I saw Daniel Smith's watercolor called Moonglow.  Instead of interpreting it for you, even though I know what it means, I thought I would let you and others chew on it and share if led.


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WOW, Miss Sandy! I am floored right now. So, I'll have to share this amazing confirmation with you.

A few mornings ago, I woke up and heard: the new purple investment. And then I saw myself and I was in a beautiful purple evening gown. Well, later that day I was sitting on the bed in the guest room where I am staying and I was working on my computer. My friend walked into the room to talk and she said, "Look at you, you're dressed in purple!" I hesitated. I was dressed in brown and black. She pointed out that everything around me at that moment was purple: the scarf hanging from the window; the bedsheets, comforter, and blanket; my computer and computer case. I was quite speechless because I don't think she meant to say that I was "dressed" in purple, she had no clue about my vision, and then I didn't choose any one of these purple items even though it's one of my favorite colors. All of these things sort of gravitated toward me, lol. It was a stunning confirmation if I ever saw one!

(I had to take a picture just to give a visual! )



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Wow Lisa, that IS an amazing confirmation!  How totally FUN.  I received some BD money and finally decided to use it to purchase some of the Daniel Smith watercolors.  The color Purple Moonglow was one of them.  They finally arrived and yesterday I painted my first picture with them.  Many of Daniel Smiths watercolors granulate when extra water is added to them.  Granulation is especially nice for those who like to paint landscapes, because the granulation adds texture and hidden nuances of color and depth.

In the interp the Lord gave me, I felt He was saying that you are like the moon (which represents His church in spiritual language)... you reflect light from the sun/SON.  You are glowing in the midst of a dark world.  You have been trained to reign over your circumstances, which is being clothed in purple... royal septer in decrees and spoken Words.  I felt the timing of my seeing the color, before I knew what you next sentence would be, was important:  <<His Words have been swirling around me again as of late>>

I forgot to mention that when I saw the color purple moonglow, it was SWIRLING like a ribbon of color!

You mention:  All of these things sort of gravitated toward me, lol. 

That made me smile.  His Words are SWIRLING all around you, and you are walking in them, you are encompassed in them, completely surrounded by them.  

JOHN PAUL JACKSON - COLORS | The Quickened Word Network


You were created for rulership, know your authority in Christ! You can speak to things and they will obey! Words are very powerful, EVERY word you speak carries a color, a sound, a smell... you leave a trail behind you wherever you go - for good or for bad - demons and angels equally see it! Your circumstances are created by yourself, by the words you speak and the thoughts you think!

I also noticed right after this you posted another word about a woman and her baby and this scripture was quickened to me about the moon representing the woman and the church:

Revelation 12:1-2 And there appeared a great sign in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: 2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

I agree, I love how personally He speaks to us! There are just moments when our King's love and power is overwhelming! Thank you so much, Miss Sandy, for what you have shared! I asked the Lord for a few witnesses on something and it seems He sent them (or set them up) before I even asked! (He truly is the one who WAS, IS, and IS TO COME all at the same time!)

So I was recently drawn to your posts about the Year 5777 because of our conversations about the peace of seated authority. I remember stopping at the one about the crown and the sword and was really struck; I had just had a vision of the Father placing a crown on my head that was gold and had many pearls on it. He has also been emphasizing that I needed to stay seated. So when I saw your picture of the Sword in the Blue Box I was surprised to see that you seem to have what look like pearls in the picture! There is also what you said above about being encompassed in that color purple (the Fear of the LORD)!


The other connection is a vision I posted recently about a female angel standing on the moon. She was about to blow a gold trumpet. Those who weighed in on the post connected that vision to the throne room and to Revelation 12:1-2. When I went back to your post about the cutting weapon, I realize it has something about a trumpet there!


An army.  In the middle of battle.  The heavenlies, it is full of them.  Great clashes.  Far above the earthy. I heard Sadhu’s voice say Please be seated.  The hiddenones.  Our secret.  America.  Hosts.  Generals.  Captains.  Working together as one.  Yes this is the trumpet.  Whose trumpet?  The one I gave you.  Smile.  Yes perfect pitch. 


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I sense Deidre's post about the numbers is connected to this word about visitation. I posted the following comment on the forked discussion: 

@Registered Member, Hi! When I saw your comment on Sandy's post, I immediately thought of a post about a mathematical concept of delta, and the fact that there is earthly time vs. heavenly time. 

God is always trying to get us back on track with being on His timing, His calendar. (For example, when the children of Israel left Egypt it was a divinely appointed time for them to enter the Promised Land; however, through disobedience, they did not enter for 40 years.)

In the post about delta, I remember a mention of 0's and 1's as well as the concept of resetting or going back to a point of origin. The LORD has been bringing this back to my attention as of late and I believe it connects with what Beloved said about a divine reset.

In Genesis 18:14, the Angel of the LORD said, "Is anything too hard for the LORD? At the appointed time I will return to you, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son."

In this scripture, it's really interesting that the term "appointed time" (Strong's H4150 mow'ed) is used. It speaks of God's calendar and timing (His feast days, appointed times, etc.) According to Jewish tradition, Isaac was born on the 15th of Nissan, which later became the first day of Passover. And then the way they view Passover, that time is considered to be the "birth" of the nation of Israel. Fast forward centuries later, and on that day Yeshua is crucified as the Lamb of God; this act paves the way for us to be birthed as Sons of God! When looking at these things, it seems like God's calendar is something far different than our earthly calendar!

If the 0's and 1's Deidre and others have been seeing is connected to a divine reset, then that could really connect to the concept of visitation; the Word of the LORD must go forth preparing hearts to get into alignment to receive what He has been wanting to release according to His divine timing and calendar!

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What a beautiful post! Lots of precious jewels here also!

@Registered Member & @Registered Member,

I find it very interesting that you speak of the color purple. I have some images that I have not been able to delete, and I was not sure why? They are beautiful fields dressed in purple flowers, and I just felt they were significant for something. Even the color of them was quickened to me. I am beginning to believe that indeed purple is the color that is speaking loudly right now as He spreads His royalty over His garden!




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  • frankreich
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@Registered Member that is a neat confirmation! And what gorgeous photos! It's funny, before the lawn was cut this weekend, I noted that the house where I'm staying at right now had "weeds" on the lawn with two different types of purple flowers. (It's a shame to call them weeds when they dressed up the lawn so beautifully!) The front lawn was "dressed" with one type and the back lawn was "dressed" with another.

Oh, yes, not to mention the QWN is currently "dressed" in purple! 



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@Registered Member what a neat confirmation! This is quite exciting! Last night, I had another dream about a friend of mine who is a business coach. For awhile now I have been linking him, his wife, and their business as a symbol for to being about the Father's business. When I read your comment I finally made the final connection— his business is called Purple Monkey Garage!!! Now I need to go back through my rhema where the Father has been talking about purple monkeys and read it through this new lens. I love, love, love how He speaks!

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