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Precious you have gone through much pain and training to learn how to move freely in your relationship with Me. One of your biggest severings came from letting go of leaning on man, and instead leaning on Me. I AM your Source, your validation, your security and confirmation. It is My job to establish you in your destiny. I equip you and launch you and sustain you. It is My work in your life and I will not allow man or their opinion of you to hold you captive. Be free beloved one and fly in the faith I have measured.

John 8:36
Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

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@Registered Member, I woke up very early today. I just went through a fiery trial with a visiting family member during my last two weeks of chemo. I learned a lot about boundaries🥴 and how to sustain them. False faces too! The Lord had told me long ago to stay away from this person but through misguided compassion I let them back into my life! It was quite the painful lesson.
So this morning, when I saw this post, I started writing out each step.

I AM your source (Not a church, denomination, priest, preacher, speaker or prophet)

*I had, in times past, without realizing it, let these things be my sustaining power.

Then I went on to:

I AM your validation I realized I had let this family member somehow become a source of validation and got a big dose of reality! There was some serious, iron clad denial in this. Pruning hurts!)

I AM your security (not the current provider of my housing, not America etc.)

I AM your confirmation (through Christ Jesus)

I (AM) establish your destiny (not my former employer nor my ex-husband or my parents)

I (AM) equip, launch and sustain you! (In a post by Elisha she had used the word sustain in a note me!)

I (AM) will not allow man or their opinion of you to hold you captive. (Former church, family member etc)

This exercise help me see the ways I’ve let others define me, for awhile, and not lean solely on Jesus for all I really need. Hugs!

Now that is what I call an earnest, passionate and determined student.  Thank you Beth, you have portrayed what it means to digest and chew His Word, how to apply it to your own life and make changes.

One extra step, take each sentence and pray about it to the Lord.  Ask for help in each to make new commitments and follow through with them.

Proverbs 4:23 Keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

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