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A group of believers were led to gather yesterday evening. A sharing occurred that was a direct correlation of the above post.  Event  ~confirmation - event~confirmation - event~confirmation ... story shared, circle complete, lives blessed, Yahweh glorified! 

Then one shared an insight regarding Nehemiah & the rebuilding of the wall. So I'm digging in the walls of Nehemiah this morning (Neh.8:10) ..."the joy of Yah is my strength" (to strengthen, to make strong, to secure - Ecc. 7:19 "wisdom makes a man stronger then ten leaders.") A spoken quote from my Nehemiah friend, "Knowledge  (wisdom) is the ability to recognize Yahweh (God)!"

May HIS joy, wisdom, & strength bring blessings your way this day!


Hi Jane, that is amazing confirmation, thank you! Last night I heard that we were to rebuild our walls first and then rebuild our lives.

We rebuild our walls through repentance and then obedience to scripture. After we are living in obedience we have the protection and grace to begin rebuilding and taking back our losses.

In His loving kindness,



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