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Hi Sandy,


I love your scrapbook pages!!  It's like a special anointed book from The Lord. It makes reading fun from this format!  I feel like I've graduated to another level to hear from Him on decorated pages!  


This word brings great confirmation for me.  The Lord has been speaking and building a lot of information into me at night.  When I wake up I am aware that I've been dreaming or hearing His voice.  My mind will be working through all that I've seen and heard. I feel this sense of urgency to write the information down, but as soon as I go to write it down, it's removed except for parts and pieces. I know you explained the reason for the partial revealing to me before, but I have to say it’s stretching me to wait for more understanding.  Having said that, I am grateful for the parts that give me a basis to build my puzzle.  I see how this method teaches me to be patient and wait for His leading so I can't run ahead of Him. It also builds intimacy to continue to seek Him for understanding and more revelation. He is beautiful and sovereign! 


Love and blessings,


Hi Amy

You have beautifully described the process we all go through at night!  You have to be a really light sleeper to get much.  One thing I love to do when possible is at the first sign of sleepiness during the day, I will go lay down to see if I can hear Him.  Sometimes it is only 10 minutes and I go into the deep resting state and can see or hear.  Sometimes I am unable to pull out of it if I am too tired, and I sleep about an hour and then wake up and start seeing and hearing.

Sandy & Amy,


I really appreciate what you shared here SO much and can relate!  I find sometimes it is after I have woken up in the middle of the night and fall back asleep that I remember that time the most.  Something else I am learning to do with the Lord, that I learned from listening to John Paul is to be active in my dream/sleep state.  I'm finding that sometimes when I get a message from the Lord in a dream, I can go over it while in the dream and then it stays with me after waking.  That happened in the early hours just this morning.  I remembered the dream as soon as I awoke.  I treasure this time with the Lord and love our nights together!





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