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Precious hearts, I am anointing a new season of speaking My Word to My people. The Words that I will speak will bring reassurance after a long, dry and weary battle. I AM once again bringing My people back to life. They will stand not only with boldness to do My bidding in the area they are equipped, but also to do it with complete confidence and joy.

This season I AM shining My spotlight on your senses. I AM not only rekindling them to be sensitive to know My Word and how it applies, but also bringing the increase.

Listen to your heart, it knows the way. Listen to perceptions and inklings, they will be like little antennas sensing the wind. Your discernment gifts, I AM opening your sense of smell and you shall know the difference between good, evil and the soul. Your hearing gifts, I will open your hearing ears to surround sound. Your seeing gifts, I will open your eyes to notice even more detail and color. Take heed to the opening of your spiritual senses for they come with My specific purpose in this hour.

Acts 4:13 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ordinary men, they marveled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

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I appreciate the encouragement to be more aware of your own heart and to tune in all your senses to hear God ...

the other week I heard some prophetic teaching, the general idea was an exhortation that we have to pay attention to what we are feeling, those feelings may be there for a reason, that it is okay to be sensitive, as this may be God at work (though I do know that not all emotions are from the Holy Spirit ... )

the other day I was telling someone about the Carol Brown Highly Sensitive Book, and I said that I would try to get them a copy, as there is someone in their family who has that very sensitive nature and it may be helpful information ...

Those seem to be some repeated themes / confirmations,

@Registered Member I love the flowers and I think I see a butterfly there ... when I look at that pic I see joy, simplicity, gratefulness for the small things, wonder, and also, your having seen that butterfly feels like a little note from God that He He is with you and cares about you.

that is a perfect way to describe seeing something beautiful within God's creation, @Registered Member, that God blesses with delights! It made me smile to see it noted like that.

And @Registered Member that is definitely sharing some common ground, to hear that you have that sensitivity to people / situations around you, I am sure there are others too at QW who have that in their lives. I did not know that about you before!

Blessings, Laura

When I saw this beautiful pic of wildflowers, I am led to:

"Like a lily among thistles
    is my darling among young women." (Song of Songs 2:2 NLT)

Like the beautiful flowers in the midst of the field, you are standing out in beauty in the sight of the Lord, His bride, His pride, His glory, His treasure and His dove.

The colors of the flowers are standing out, yellow represents the spirit of understanding rests upon you, the orange represents the spirit of wisdom rests upon you, you are sparking with the wisdom and understanding from the Lord.

Wow, Sandy!!!!!

For weeks now, I have been voicing increase to open all our senses, to Father God.

I have been thanking Him for the increase before it actually shows up.

By FAITH I received what I FELT our Father, was doing in this season.

Wow!!!! I am just speechless to SEE I was right on the TARGET!

Praise God! What a glorious CONFIRMATION! For you, me and everyone here!

Hallelujah, we sure need this.

Here is a snippet of what I was talking to Papa about:

I was thinking a lot about: Taste and see that the Lord is good.

God dropped this into me weeks ago. I have been pondering it often with Him.

Papa, sometimes I taste you through my eyes seeing.

Does that make sense to You?

I feel like when my eyes see something good, I can literally TASTE a sweetness, from what I am looking at.

Is this what You are talking about? Inquiring minds want to know. Lol.

If not, could you expand on what you mean? I feel it isn't just sitting down and eating a meal, but more profound than that.


That was just a taste of our conversation. I then went through all my senses and declared increase in how I could hear Papa. It had to get established on earth as it is in heaven. Amen.

I think this is tied to PROMOTION time /  Graduation to another glory step.

much love, Garbe

@Registered Member

Hi Garbe, YES the Lord said it is a promotion of new giftings in the
senses. Bob used to say that they were connected to discernment. He had a
list of smells and tastes that represented things.

Tangible is the opening of the sense of touch and it is used a lot in
healing and deliverance. You feel the touch of an angelic hand, or feel
heat or literally feel something in your hands, etc.

I have smelled the aroma of the Lord's Presence several times. (like
roses) I have also smelled when demons are present.

Also the senses as in perception that is related to feeling something. In
deliverance that can be things like shame, fear, lust, etc.

To Laura‘s response…..

So far I have only heard and taught that to have our five senses be opened are related to spiritual things like smelling the presence of evil or that the smell of Roses or other flowers stand for the presence of Jesus.

Taste - Honey for the Word

touch - literally feeling an embrace or touch by Jesus or the Father or of angels.

Eyes opened - seeing visions, receiving revelations

Hearing him speak clearly

Concerning sensivity:

I for instance feel a heavy and dark atmosphere in cities, around houses, in churches, over countries which want to weigh me down…

And over people which I then want to avoid or not be around them. There is maybe more concerning being highly sensitive.

In flowers and nature though I take a deep delight and outspokenly be overwhelmed by God‘s might and creativity, by the aroma of certain flowers and bushes, trees, music, the voices of birds, the beauty and majesty of animals, like horses or lions!

I like all those responses for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit  @Registered Member

Kathie Walters has written some things, one is a list of Aromas and their possible meaning ... she included various flowers and their possible meaning, and another is about healing

if I remember, she talks about how feeling pain or pressure could have meaning. (pic from her website.) Am trying to think of an example, here is one: if you are feeling something on the right thumb God may be speaking of maturity in an apostolic gift over a persons life, and left thumb may be not yet developed in the apostolic. ( I will have to review to be sure I am quoting accurately.) so that could be an aspect of being sensitive as well.

I have never smelled God's presence as roses, but I hope He gives me that experience some time !  And also the honey taste, I have not had that.

p.s. I love what everyone here shared here about the butterflies and the flowers.


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Am 13.06.2022 um 19:13 schrieb QW Network <>:

I prayed today that my five senses would be opened, Dove‘s eyes and will dig into the teaching of Kathie Walters…
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed between taking time with the Lord, writing down what I receive from the word, do my housework, go for a walk, care for our garden, ansering mails, read some news at least…I still have to find a really good plan to get everything done so that I feel pleased.

me too Dorothea, I just prayed that prayer too!  and I pray God will also helps us find the balance in all the activities of our lives, and help us just be led by Him, in grace and ease !  I think you have such a heart for the Lord, and I know you want to follow after all His plans and His voice

P.S. I was in a home church meeting MANY years ago, and I was still young in the things of the Holy Spirit  and (if you had asked me at that time I would have told you I was a believer, but actually true trust in Him did not come until recent years) and minister Erskine Holt was talking about God coming with His FIRE...

He said he was in a meeting where this happened, fire manifested on many people. the people who had felt fire on their mouth, they were those who had prophetic gifts, the people who had fire on their hands, well that was more of a healing gift, to lay hands on people and see them healed... He asked what about the people who felt fire on their nose? and I said out loud, that is discernment (smelling what is good and also what is not from the Lord) and it was sort of a clue to me, that God had shown me that for the very reason that discernment is one of my gifts. The earliest prophetic word I can remember receiving was a person prophesying that I would have gifts of faith, discernment and healing (it was a mention of inner and heart healing rather than physical healing).

I share that as it relates to this: I bet that we all have something that is a more noticeable gift from the Lord that we most commonly operate in. Maybe one sense is more tuned in to the Lord than others and He is now increasing the others.

Am 14.06.2022 um 04:58 schrieb QW Network <>:

Dear Laura,

thank you for sharing your experience!! Oh, how I long to get free in different areas finally after decades of suffering phyiscally. Though I sought it in ministry I did not find it but faithfully went on.
Now I feel soo tired and worn out about it all. What you describe happened to people through the Fire of God is exactly what is necessary..It stands for deliverance and subsequent fufillment to make way for more of the gifts and empowerment!
This happened to the disciples at Pentecost. Remember that Jesus said that He will baptise them with Holy Spirit and FIRE.
They were still beset with unbelief, fear of Men etc…..
We need this kind of ministry and pray it will come…………!!

Bob Jones worked in the area of deliverance regarding sensing demons. So
most of his aroma list is based on that. However just like interpreting
visions and dreams, context should be included. For instance I once saw a
demon that was smoking and the Lord told me it was carnality. Then I went
downstairs to where the youth group rented out their space to local bands.
They had a life-size poster of a mafia type person with a large cigarette
hanging out of his mouth. I had been praying for the youth group back then
and much of their problems related to their carnality.

So at least for my own vocabulary cigarettes represent carnality.

as I think on this example, smoking cigarettes is breathing in something other than the Holy Spirit for purpose of perhaps trying to be cool in a social setting, or maybe more so for comfort and stress relief   ...

about smelling the smoke ... if you know the name of the person whose room it was, I was wondering if their name could possibly be representative of a certain sector or group of people? If there is something God wants to say in this I agree He will show you more. 

@Registered Member, @Registered Member

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