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yes a WOW - notice the 047.4/5 ---- 047 can mean SHALOM as we CONTINUE to leave the world (4) and press into Grace moment by moment - the sad thing is that the THRONE of GRACE is always open {& we don't access it enough!! - (:-  ( ) ... but we MUST BOLDLY come (by Faith and by the Spirit) into (with Thanksgiving and Praise maybe?) the THRONE of GRACE to OBTAIN help and mercy in the time of NEED - I have the revelations I need to live there ALL the time by FAITH ---- in the Throne Room of GRACE ....


Eph 2:8-9 ... a GIFT ... not of works or SELF-INITIATIVE that we should brag or boast - HE made us! - PS ALMS (HA!) 100:3 ... thanks MUM for sharing this! - yea as your LIVES ARE A PARABLE of HIS TESTIMONY in the earth ... all of our lives are REALLY HIS(S)TORY ... blessings! - (:- &nbsp

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I love the way He speaks to us through numbers!  When you used the word miracle for what happened in your driveway, you are spot on Sandy!


Recently a friend shared with me how he had three scriptures prepared for a message he was to give at church.  That day, they had a visiting pastor who was to give the sermon.  Imagine that pastor's delight and surprise when he discovered those were the SAME scriptures he had chosen!


My friend went on to tell me the probability of picking one same scripture as someone, let alone three! I believe there are over 31,000 verses - so of course this can only happen by a wonderfully timed miracle of God!


He is simply amazing.  It reminds me to be constantly aware and watching for these things He sends us!





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