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Yes, Sandy...he did!  Three offers within two days!  How is that for God pouring out?!  He was then faced with how to choose (a nice problem to have!)  I sometimes forget how much I already shared about this (or didn't yet but pardon me if I repeat myself.)


On the way out to Seattle I was reading a chapter in a book where the author was talking about how God can speak through circumstances.  He used an example of a fellow who "had applied at three different places" and how the Lord, through circumstances helped him see that the first two were not the best fit but he had TOTAL peace about the third and that is where he knew God was leading him.


When my husband got the first two offers, and had just had the third interview but no offer yet, I read him that chapter from the book over the phone from my parent's house in Seattle.  He found it so incredibly timely.  The very next morning the third company (which apparently has a reputation for sometimes taking weeks to come back with an offer) made him an offer and that was the one he had total peace about, just like the example in the book. The salary at each of the three places was virtually the same, but the atmosphere, benefits, and testimony of someone he knows that works at the third company gave him the peace that was where God was leading him.


I certainly appreciate all your prayers.  God is always right on time!  You and Wayne's testimony certainly demonstrates that.  Including ICE CREAM CONES.  God is so sweet like that!  Word pun intended!





First off Mum i want to say i love this new way you post in nuggets, with words, pictures and it is simply Wow! Glory to God 

My mum was retired a while back years ago and coming back feeling sad, she heard the audible voice saying to her dont worry, am i not able to carry you? the same day she got an offer in another school.

Glorious God who gives us good gifts. i need to and i always remind myself that He loves me, He cares for me and He wants to give me good gifts. 

He always provides for us in that place where we are down to nothing with our back against the wall.

congrats His daughter that he got the job. Always on time is our God!!

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