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Dearest one, you have gone through such a great sifting in your soul. I have taken you through a time where your soul was greatly shaken. I know how painful this was for you as I held onto what did not belong in your heart. I simply would not let go of those tares and as you wrestled against Me and you wavered back and forth, the soil around them broke free and became softer and more yielded. Finally the tares were brought up and out without uprooting My good Word that I have planted within you.

Yes your faith was greatly tried, but I have seen you through to the other side. Turn now and strengthen your brethren, for it is a new day. Take the plunge and go deeper than you have ever gone before. Fear not beloved one, your past is past. As you seek Me you shall find Me. I am drawing you to the depths where many gems and jewels are waiting to be retrieved. You shall also find that what you once thought was throw away was a real jewel and they are waiting to be found once again.

Do not be afraid to prophesy and decree what you find in the depths. Begin to decree with holy boldness the confession of My Word and My promises. Loose the cords around your tongue and be set free to prophesy in holy boldness. I have given you a new skin, now walk in it.

Eph 4:24 NKJV
That you put on the new man which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.

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@Registered Member as I read your post I saw chaff coming off of wheat. It’s the removal of the top layer of the wheat exposing the pure grain below. In order to do so the wheat shaft has to be shaken very hard to get this to happen.
Separating the chaff from the wheat is different from separating the goats from the sheep or the wheat from the tares.  The first is done to purify the believer. The second two is done to purify the body of Christ.
Over the last few years I have been shaken! Loss of my job, coming to live with my daughter, and all that entails and our Father healing deep wounds in my soul and thereby reuniting me with my full self. Recently I got a lesson in sheep and goat separations through hunting for a place to fellowship with other like minded believers. I ran into a fellowship where the man leading them said all the right things. Things I longed to hear but when meeting in person my spirit sensed a blankness. My instincts cried RUN! I’ve sensed this blankness, “ hiddenness” before when meeting those in the occult and the Masonic lodges etc, through my workplace. In times before this meeting, when meeting like individuals, I let my neediness over ride common sense and instincts and got burned. Finally, finally I listening🎉.

This is an Awesome Word today. It's such a joy to know that the Lord keeps watch and protection over His Words that are planted in us, while carefully uprooting the tares and throwing out what is not needed.  Praise the Lord for a new skin, and to exploring the new depths were the gems and jewels are to be discovered.  Finally...coming to the other side and getting to where the full treasure chest is!

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