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Today I was sitting on the side of my bed getting dressed and was wondering if when the cloud of witnesses see us from heaven, if they ever see us naked!!  I have wondered that for years and then remembered He answered that this month when I came across a rhema entry. This rhema is an excerpt about 2 people I knew who went to heaven and they watch over the balcony to see us. 


What’s my deepest joy.  Watching you grow up.  Balcony.  We’re throwing a party in your honor.  Event list.  Naked?  Fully clothed.  Umbrella.  Protected.  Deliverer.  Watchman.  Over nations, yes nations.  My key witness.  Exactly as she is, triumphant.  Fortify your columns, stand.  

Today I also thought of Bob’s comment when he went to heaven and saw that his white robe had no spots and was all clean.  I prayed that my robe had no stains on it!  Bob knew he had been forgiven, washed and cleansed when he looked down at his robe.  Tonight when I went to W2P website, this one popped up! 

Yes Beloved, My Word says that you, My bride, make yourself ready for My coming. The choices you make every day are weighed and measured for counting. When you make worldly choices, your garments become soiled. When you make holy choices, it shows your garments have been cleaned.

You are counted without spot, innocent, and sparkling clean as you yield your life to Me and allow the washing of My Word to cleanse your mind and heart so that your deeds line up with your faith.

And in the end, My love, you learn that the washing and the justification in your life is always in Me, and not in yourself. I know your heart and your passionate faith and desire to be clean and holy whole. I see your faith, and even when your garments are in process, I justify you and render you innocent and blameless. It is My work within you dear one. And yet, I can not do it without your partnership and joining with Me in the cleansing process. Thank you beloved bride, My own.

Rev 19:7-8 NKJV
Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready. And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright, for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints.


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Thank you Sandy. I’ve also been wondering how much the cloud of witnesses would be able to see us!  

I remember, years ago when my stepmother died, we were driving back home and I was praying to the Lord for confirmation that my stepmom went to be with Him. She had given her heart to Him only a few months prior to her death. She was very tough on me, but I still prayed that she would meet the Lord one day. Then I saw a vision of her sitting on a big balcony, alongside my husband’s mother (whom we knew was with the Lord) and many other moms. There were lots of laughter amongst the moms, while they intently followed their children’s movements on earth! Some moms were still ‘instructing’ us -in love - just like they did when they were with us on earth (I found this very funny, thinking to myself that a mom would always be a mom, even in heaven lol!) But this time my stepmom was different, there was love in her eyes for me. Then I knew, the Lord indeed answered my prayer....I was so happy about it!

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Today I took out my pack of prophetic words since the 80 ties and went through most day by day since you reminded us, Sandy....!

I feel refreshed, encouraged and shed tears about correcting words, one talking about dark spots on our group of church members walking through the dry desert...Some were ready being stripped of the old holding their arms up to signal their willingness......

It is important and helpful to go through our promises from time to time.

Good reminder, Sandy....!

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