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A few years ago we ordered a fun Christmas present for someone. It was Billy Bass, a fish mounted on a plaque. Billy had an electronic eye that detected motion and when you passed by him, he would suddenly turn his head towards you, wiggle his tail, open his mouth and start singing! Now Billy did not exactly have a great voice, but it was most definitely loud and startling. He had 2 songs: "Don’t Worry, Be Happy and "Take Me to the River." Here are the words to the songs:


"I want to know, can you help me? Take me to the river. Drop me in the river! Take me to the river. Put me in the water!"




"Here’s a little song I wrote. Don’t worry, be happy!"


Since we ordered him early in the year, Billy got lost in the closet and we forgot all about him when Christmas came and went. I finally found Billy when I cleaned out the closet.  When I found Billy Bass in the closet, I could hardly wait to hide him somewhere and hear my husband’s response when suddenly out of nowhere this fish would start to sing. I knew my beloved needed a laugh.


I was having a blast thinking up all the exciting places I would hide Billy. Let’s see now, on the floor in the dark. And when he comes home and opens the door, Billy can greet him!  And oh yes, under the covers in bed! I could just feel the joy bubbles of mirth starting to bubble up from Joseph’s dungeon.


My favorite of all my carried out plans was when I sleepily waited until Wayne went to bed so I could put Billy in the fridge. I had to figure out how to put him in there and close the door without activating him because I knew Wayne would hear him through the bedroom wall. I waited until Wayne was in the bathroom and hurried and shoved poor ol’ Billy in the refrigerator. I was chuckling and laughing all the way to bed.


Wayne is always extremely kind and considerate in the mornings and he creeps around trying so hard to let me sleep in when I need to. I went to bed smirking and trying to smother my giggles. I knew I wouldn’t be there when he opened the door, but I could just imagine my groggy husband walking into the kitchen to get his orange juice. I went to sleep with a smile.


In the morning I suddenly woke up to this loud blasting song, "I WANT TO KNOW, CAN YOU HELP ME?" … SLAM.


… Everything is quiet and there is a long silence….


I am laughing out loud in bed. This was worth an entire day of sleep deprivation! Wayne is in there trying to figure out how to get his orange juice without waking me up!!!! This is SO FUNNY I am laughing hysterically!!


The silence breaks and I hear, "Here’s a little song I wrote, don’t worry be happy!" Wayne got his OJ and cold Billy got out of the brink. I popped out of bed still laughing.

We had our season of joy with Billy and finally I put him away in the closet once again. But the Lord wasn’t done with Billy. I didn’t yet realize that Billy was anointed as the Lord’s mouth piece to the body of Christ…





Today in church one of our elders preached about worry. He used the old song, "Don’t worry, be happy" as his text!" Then every time he was trying to use the song as an example, our favorite musician in the audience would mutter under his breath, "I always hated that song!" It was so funny because it was like a stage play between the two of them. I laughed and chuckled all the way through the sermon thinking about good ol Billy Bass, who the elder did not know about, because of his being in Mexico the year Billy came out in the stores. I knew the Lord was really talking to me about worry and to just relax with joy and trust Him.





A few months later I went to a Bobby Conner meeting and he proceeded to tell us about the time that he had accepted a speaking engagement in a church with some people who were very dignified and staunchly religious. The Lord told Bobby that he was to buy Billy Bass and take him to the meeting and preach about Billy! When he first walked to the podium with Billy, everyone was just blankly staring at him holding the fish. He told them that they needed to get into the river and then let Billy sing for them! I don’t remember what else he said, but I do remember that eventually a few people smiled!






UPDATE EXPERIENCE: One year later, my husband and I were on a shopping trip out of town to find some interesting things to decorate our backyard. We were having our son’s wedding rehearsal dinner outside and were transforming our yard into a paradise of flowers, water and color. On the trip, I was worrying that we were spending too much money on the project and didn’t know if we were being wise stewards and so I had prayed that the Lord would help us find what we wanted and help us to resist overspending. As I was praying over this, we walked into a darling little store full of fun yard ornaments, chimes, etc. Just as I finished my prayer, suddenly a voice I knew very well started singing, "Here’s a little song I wrote, don’t worry, be happy!" I broke out laughing. There was good ol’ Billy touching my heart once again. "Lord You are just too much! Thank You, I refuse to worry and just let You provide! AMEN!"


UPDATE CONFIRMATION: About an hour later we were walking through another fun store and I heard the Lord say to me: "I have something to tell you."


Often the Lord speaks to me just prior to or at the exact moment my eye lands on something. I will hear Him before my brain registers what I am looking at. Immediately after I heard Him say He had something to tell me, my eye looked up and I saw another fish on the wall! This was not Billy but a different and older antique fish. His head and tail were in the exact angle that Billy’s were when he was singing. This was His confirmation that in the previous store, Billy’s song really was His answer to my prayer; don’t worry about finances, He would provide good gifts.


A couple of weeks later, we received the largest laminating job we have ever had. The Lord brought in the extra money!






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WoW Wee WoW Sandy ~!!!


This was so Cool ~!!! I was Cracking Up Reading your Post, Hurriedly Reading to see what was going to happen with Wayne and Billy Bass. Then I laughed even more thinking of your laughter waiting for the moment to happen.


It is such a Blessing that the Lord uses things like this to quicken You to HIS Presence and to bring Confirmation. This is such a WEALTHY WORD for the Body of CHRIST ~!!!


I don't think a lot of CHRISTIANS realize how much LAUGHTER & JOY go together in Heaven. And we can Possess it here on earth before we're called to come home. I have to confess that I have received similar messages from Our Father to tune into HIS Goodness, when I am concentrating on my budget.


This was a Treat to share ~!!! How considerate Wayne was to SLAM that Door Shut ~!!! LOL


Proverbs 17:22 ~

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


Now I can return to my assignment after that break of laughter




Such a gooood story!...

Laughter is so desperately neede in our life and has been missing because of much hardship and trials.

One of the verses I often received and often proclaimed is:



Isaiah 35:10New International Version (NIV)

10     and those the Lord has rescued will return.
They will enter Zion with singing;
    everlasting joy will crown their heads.
Gladness and joy will overtake them,
    and sorrow and sighing will flee away.



"... sorrow and sighing will flee away."




Hi Sandy,


This just made me laugh and laugh!  I can relate to some of this because we have one also.  My husband is one who loves to fish! So years ago we were at this unique shopping place and a lady had several of these for sale.  My husband brought one just so he could sit it up for A decoration or keepsake.  But it ended up being a fun thing for my family. My kids  loved it and would always get right in front of it and make it sing and sing, and they would laugh and laugh. I had learned the songs by heart!


I had many surprised outburst's just by walking by it, which caught me off guard several times.  We eventually took the batteries out of it as the kids got older, and now just have it sitting over the mantle.  As I look up at it even now, I will never see Big Mouth Billy Bass the same again!  I now will see him as Anointed Big Mouth Billy Bass!....   


"Here's a little song I wrote, you might want to sing it note for note, Don't worry, Be happy....Don't Worry be happy now....."Humming".....


Bless you for this Sandy!

That is really fun Ella!  Your sharing reminded me about having a child's heart.


Matthew 18:3   And said, Verily I say unto you, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.


Yesterday we had a family BD party and I was taking "graphics" with my son and showing him some of the work I have done on Scrapbook heaven.  My 6 year old granddaughter came over and saw some of them and she was really drawn to them.  She was asking me if one page had its own story on it and I was SO excited because I have wanted something to reach a younger audience and the children at heart she was REALLY drawn to the graphics! 


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