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In a night season when the world grows dark, take advantage of the time to fast, pray and have fellowship with Me. I will wash you with the water of My Word and we will sit together in communion. Fear not beloved one, as you sit in My Presence, I will bring you all the comfort, courage and strength you need.

Luke 2:36-38 NKJV
Now there was one, Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was of a great age, and had lived with a husband seven years from her virginity; 37 and this woman was a widow of about eighty-four years, who did not depart from the temple, but served God with fastings and prayers night and day. 38 And coming in that instant she gave thanks to the Lord, and spoke of Him to all those who looked for redemption in Jerusalem.

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Just this week, I asked God if I needed to do a fast for anything that might be around the corner or to set my body in order. Very interesting...

On a different note -

My teacher and I began a fast from speaking anything negative...which is the opposite of The Word of God.

We are still on it, and probably will be for some time. It's been at least 5 months now, but we know The Glory needs to rest on the remnant whose words will not speak anything, BUT Life. Since Jesus says "we can have what we say" that is a loaded weapon for good or for evil. We must always keep the safety latch on our mouth - no wonder it says, whoever guards his mouth preserves life! We are to guard our heart with all diligence, too, because out of it are the issues of life. That fork needs tuning, so the 2 of us jumped in, for as long as it takes.

We have allowed this to become a lifestyle change. We don't always do, as good as we do, on some days. We keep trying though. We always recognize the error as soon as it pops...or sometimes as it's about to come out. We shut it down. We bind the words if they escape into the atmosphere. We admit our mistakes / sin, to each other and hold each other accountable.

God impressed upon us to do this, well me, He did...and I asked my teacher if she would like to join in. She said absolutely!

God has really acknowledged how pleased He is. That's a great feeling.

Well that's it.

Fasting isn't always about food.

God has gotten very creative with me over the years...since it's a "when" not an "if".

Have a good day.


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These are my thoughts:

If you are speaking truth, it doesn't matter if it is a "bad / negative" thing. After all, it's truth. We know what is evil and we know what is good. Truth is the dividing line.

We have to learn to speak truth in love. If we say we love, how could we withhold truth? Aren't we accountable for knowing? That's how I look at it. If people don't receive what we say, we are to shake the dust from our feet and pray for them.

We are way past milk and cookies at this point. Jesus came for the meat, didn't he?

Some things that are truths, are what God gives me, that sure enough, in time...they become truth for everyone. Many of these truths are awful and seen as negative. In fact, they can be downright disgusting. God gives me the insight. I don't even ask for this information, or if I ask a general question for discernment...more truth follows. I have no proof that it's true, until God exposes it. Wait to you see what comes out. You probably have this happen to you, also. God tells secrets to us. Believe me, most people - even the "church" doesn't want to hear any of it. So, I just wait and pray - until God reveals everything in His time.

Does this help you?

If it doesn't, could you include an example?


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Thankyou Garbe. I was thinking about remaining edifying and uplifting to
hearers. We all love good reports. But we all go through tough things and I
don’t know the balance of sharing my personal life blended in with His
Words that He gives me. I have been obedient to not use my journals as a
catharsis and especially for speaking anything bad about anyone. I
basically don’t speak of people at all in my journals except in rhema. Do
you think sharing difficult things that is not good news is negative? Even
if I don’t share on line I always have the feeling that someday maybe after
I die that people will read my journals. I want to leave a positive
uplifting testimony.


Let's chat...

Do I think sharing difficult things, that are not good news, is being negative? I am not sure what you are really hinting at. I would have to say no, but that could change, if I knew exactly what you mean. Sharing what - and with who? You mean writing in a journal only?

Sandy, if what you share is truth, then maybe someone can learn from what you know or went through. Not everything in life is fun, good, or positive. We always tell our children, learn from my mistakes so you will not have to go through them, right?

If God says I have given you, Sandy, the land. Go in and plan a strategy for taking it. Then, you and the QWN team come back and only 2 of us give good reports, and the other 150 are negative reports saying: We can't do this. The internet is being censored. No one wants to hear truth. Let's just hide in a cave...that my friend is NEGATIVE. Lol! Why? Because God said: We already have the land!

I would love an example of what you are talking about.   

Not everything is good, but we can speak life into situations to change the outcome.

Can we confide in a person about what we are going through? Absolutely.

In life... there are roses and thorns, darkness and light, good and evil. To pretend the other doesn't exist, is not truthful.

I work at school, so I am around hundreds of people daily. Here's an example: Instead of saying: Oh, little Johnny is never going to catch up to where he needs to be, and we leave it at that, no - we then flip it. We say: Johnny, with God's help, will be top in his class next year. That's the kind of stuff I am talking about. Not speaking "death" over someone. Not being negative...You are such a lazy person. Instead, even if you see that behavior, we flip it. We speak life into that person's life, because God sees the end result.

Is this helping, because I am not sure what specifically we are talking about. A negative truth, is always a call for prayer. Another example is our spouses. God shows us truth, so we can pray or speak a different outcome into their life / situation. God exposes where they need help, and it works the same way for us...although I am not so sure a man has that ability, to pick up on that. Lol...just kidding!

You might have to let your guard down and be more transparent, to get freedom. I don't know if I am helping and I want to.


@Registered Member

@Registered Member, a couple of days out of the blue my Dad asked me if he read my Ouma's last journal entry to me.  And then I saw this thread.

What my Dad read to me was very personal to Oumas struggles, facing diminished memory and strength,  and then how God is her highest aim,  her refuge,  her shield.

She filled many journals, he said, which has now been shared among the family since she passed.   Her journals are all about her own growth when facing certain personalities or character issues,  always filled with redemptive attitudes and Biblical verses that aimed her prayers.

I don't really know how to have a negativity fast.  My mind becomes religious or critical of others,  so I admit I do not understand a negativity fast.  Also,  I feel like a liar, turning my eyes away from needs.  So,  I think that what you mean by a negativity fast is different from what I have done.

I cannot have compassion or redemptive God honoring attitudes if I do not look at the negative or mourn for the lack of Godly joy in fellowships.  I think in God's eyes our mourning is a positive and my pursuit of peace where I see strife is God honouring, and I am happy to journal those details, writing where God has saved me from the same.

I'm sorry if I missed some details as I didn't read the whole thread,  I just meant to share what my Dad read and perhaps that may help you receive an answer to your prayer.

Much love,


Hi Garbe, you gave enough good examples of what you are saying about a fast from negativity, so I understand and agree with you.  You shared some great wisdom here!

Generally speaking I think I have been fasting negativity for decades, merely because my flesh and my soul have not been in a happy place.  So i dont talk about it, dont write about it, dont share it and rarely think about it.  My method of coping has been to ignore it and focus on the Lord and on fellowship with people and on creativity. That has rebounded on top of me because I finally realized I was lopsided and living an unbalanced life.  I have been doing all I can to change that so that I can become healthy again.

I cant think of any specific examples for you unless I go back and search my rhema.  But the idea of my sharing is like this:  I write 2-3 sentences about what I am dealing with as inserts in my shared rhema... then write a whole paragraph about what He says.  I write just enough to give some context to what He is talking about.  I dont whine and dine self catharsis and get people focused on me by a plethora of words about my issues... I want to remain hidden and let His Word stand out so that people are bonded to HIM and are able to receive what He says as something for them too.

The other side of that is that His Word says we are to remain edifying:

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

I have tried to make the QWN a healthy place to fellowship.  Honestly if we all looked at our personal lives and wrote about them here, we would all go downhill fast... because in some way or another we are all a mess!  Smiles.  That is the nature of living in the earth, as Christians in a dark spiritual climate and amongst people who hate God's Word regarding their lifestyles.

7/15/98:  I heard this after having a soul dream with all kinds of problems in it:

HEARD:  I gave you this story for others so that everyone would identify, knowing that it happens to everyone. I saw a brand new large jar of Miracle Whip. Then I opened up the jar and peered inside. It was all scraped clean except for the last small teaspoon. People’s problems. They all have them.

Hi Liana, wow how precious to hear your family has been reading your Oumas journals!  I am really touched by that.  Thank you, it does help me regarding journals.  What comes to mind is that when people read a good book, there is always growing conflict, climax to such, then resolution and a good ending.  That seems to help readers keep reading.  I can see how the grandchildren might read something in search of identifying with their own issues.  I dont think I have really done that in my journaling, but I love the idea and will put some prayer into that idea.

I have always been a pollianna pure heart, never liked conflict, always wanted to run away from it.  If I watch a movie it is almost always a G rated Hallmark that has no people conflict... nice and peaceful with pretty scenery!  Since I am not drawn to conflict in stories, I probably wouldnt enjoy writing about that.

For me when I have heard of negativity fasts, it is always about speaking negative about people or life in general.  To me it means to be uplifting even in the midst of difficulties and not focus on them, but not ignore them either.  Prayer is the best way I know to get up and out of negativity.

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