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@Registered Member posted:

Wow, Sandy.

Check all this out.

Confirmation, after confirmation.

First off, today I exclaimed: Yeah, I SEE we have had so many gloomy days of clouds and rain. Then I heard: And the SON/SUN will shine!

That's loaded.

I took that as God was saying: He is moving and there will be joy. There will be sunshine again in your life. I am the SONSHINE. We are His sunshine, because we have Jesus living inside of us. Those were just the quick thoughts that I had.

I had been praying seconds before, I heard this "sun / son shine" word for only a few minutes, upon waking. It was concerning my husband. Funny, how God right now is also my "Husband" in this season. He says NOT to take our eyes off Him.

Sandy, I do believe I hear the sound of bees...Do you hear it? Lol. That is a NOW buzz word, for sure...Sunshine! (For me it is...also, WHO was the first person to "like" this post? Shalom Merry Sunshine!!!!!) That was God! Whoa!

Another thing:  I kept having eyeglances to : To Light a Candle is to Cast a Shadow...this is on a piece of paper, that is taped to the corner of my living room mirror! It is so old, that was God bringing it to my attention. God did the same thing, on the day I heard:  "Out of the Shadows"  a few days ago, and now today for this: Keep Your Candle Burning post! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Connections and confirmations! Amen.

Praising YOU Father! Thank You, Jesus for Your continuous help! Amen.

Let me know what you think.


Hmmm. Right now I just heard: Let it Rip.

Always more to ponder....

@Registered Member

Hi Garbe, Ima @Registered Member responded to another post today.  She said this:  Reminds me of the time we sang "You are my SUNSHINE, my only SUNSHINE, You make me happy when skys are gray..."