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Reply to "Decisions at Crossroads"

I recently came through a situation where I had to be "SURE" about a ministry I was working with. Now this ministry is being investigated for fraud, and I've had to go through a personal time of testing as I was hurt and betrayed by leaders I served. 

Before the truth was revealed, I had a warning dream, though I didn't know it at the time. 

I was traveling along a red dirt road (representing the country where the ministry was located) with people I could not see very well. We were in a boat on wheels, kind of like the "cars" in Spongebob Squarepants. We traveled at a steady pace with no obstacles. It felt like riding an antique car on a track at an amusement park. 

We came to a flooded area in the road, and I wanted to continue on the same road beyond. At this point I got out of the boat. The other people were gone. The flood at first was just a few inches, but when I looked again it was very deep like a river. I knew the only way to get across was to get in the boat. But the boat, while in perfect condition visually, would not hold my weight and kept trying to sink. 

Boats, sails, etc. have been quickened words lately, but I didn't understand the dream until I walked out this investigation. I was helping a ministry that appeared fine on the surface, but in fact had crumbling foundations of lies and half-truths. So I couldn't continue with these people, nor help the ministry in any way. The boat (ministry) was faulty, or in another sense, the story I was told "didn't hold water." 

God has used this circumstance to teach me:

  • to WAIT on Him before proceeding
  • to not rely on the arm of flesh but act according to the Spirit
  • to heal me of vulnerable places in my life where the enemy has been allowed an entry point
  • to truly "know those who labor among you." 
  • to release forgiveness over those who hurt and betrayed so I can move on to the other side (past the flooding of lies)