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Reply to "Decisions at Crossroads"

Thanks for checking in, Sandy.  I so appreciate it.  And what timing!  I believe the Holy Spirit was whispering in your ear!  My husband had a second interview yesterday with a very solid company (I'll call it Co #1).  He also had an interview a couple of weeks ago with another solid company (Co. #2).


I would love your prayers.  Here are the options at this point:  Co #1 is a contract position.  It would be anywhere between 2-5 years long.  However, this company is well known for hiring its full-time staff from it's contract employees (a friend termed it, "they like to try before they buy.")  The only downside we see to this opportunity is it does not include benefits.  However we are able to enroll in health insurance through the agency that coordinates the contracts with this company.  It would be at our own cost but would hopefully be off-set by the hourly contract amount.  My husband was told yesterday they will make a decision on the position this week.


Co. #2 is a regular full-time position with benefits.  He has not heard back yet after his first interview.


Note:  We have a son who is on a very expensive medication.  Our prayer is that either set of benefits will provide the coverage we need for the medication. He is expected to need it for 18 more months to 2 years.  I have also prayed to the Lord and completely acknowledged that the Lord can heal my son at any time which would make the medicine coverage unnecessary.  Your will be done, Lord!


My husband mentioned to me that if he is offered the position by Co #1 this week, he will have to make a decision whether to take it without having an answer back from Co #2.  My prayer is that if the Lord's best plan is Co. #1  and that if an offer comes through this week, it will be clear to my husband.  So clear he has no doubt.  If the Lord wants him at Co #2, I pray that company will contact him this week.


My husband doesn't operate in the prophetic.  He knows that the Lord speaks to me in dreams.  Sometimes he seems skeptical but more and more he seems more open to it.  I would love if the Lord would send me a dream about the companies so that I may help my husband in his decision hear the leading of the Lord.  I chuckle though - knowing full well the Lord doesn't need my help and He can make it ABSOLUTELY clear to my husband directly too.


If any of you hear anything from the Lord, I would love to hear.  I believe He talks wonderfully through each of us.  Both companies are very distinctive so if you get a specific word, He will make the connection with me.  I'm confident of that!


So, so, so, thankful for all of your prayers.  So thankful for my QWN family!


Blessings in Him,