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My Life in the Lord Jesus Christ

Hi Loved Ones,
I have had many ask me for this, so I am sharing a portion of my background of my life in the Lord Jesus.  Although I was raised outside of the evangelical church community, I was raised by my Mom to pray and trust in the Lord Jesus and I really cant remember not believing in Him. I prayed about everything because I learned at any early age of His abiding friendship and help. I learned to lean upon Him.

My family did attend the Presbyterian church a few times a year and on Easter, but my memory was only hearing the Old Testament Bible stories and not about Jesus. At the age of 16 a friend invited me to their after school fellowship at their Baptist church and I was flabbergasted to meet all these passionate kids who all loved Jesus like I did, and they prayed regularly. I had never met anyone else like me before and it was like fresh rain to know I was not the only one and that I had a family of believers. Finding these people strongly validated my life in the Lord.

When I was 17, I was invited to a Charismatic church camp and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. You may read about that testimony by clicking here. After graduation I attended a Charismatic Bible college in hopes of finding my husband. Smile, back then it was affectionately called Bridal college because most females attended for that exact reason. I did not find Mr Right and moved to another college and found my beloved Wayne in the church I attended. We were married in 1976 and had one wonderful son.

On August 22, 1984 I was camping with my son and Grandma Anna at the ocean. The Lord visited me in our camping trailer and I saw His white robe, His feet and also His staff as He waved it over me. The next day as we were sitting in the sand, I heard His voice tell me my calling. That was enough to wake me up and soon after that He started granting me visions, dreams and hearing His still small voice. I was coming alive with the passion of intimacy with Him!

In November, while sleeping He visited me again and handed me a solid gold pen and His Presence descended upon me and quickened me. I fell under the power of His Spirit and when I woke I wondered what the pen meant!! I just packed it away in the spiritual pantry that He was rapidly building of visions and dreams, and really didnt think much more of it.

One week later I had this yearning to write an article on how God speaks to me, as I wanted others to be able to hear Him in the special ways He talked to me. I had written term papers in college so I thought maybe I might try to submit an article someplace. My dad had recently given us our very first computer and so I thought I would give it a try.

That day I sat down and wrote all day. I thought I would start the article with an introduction and it ended up being prophesy that just flowed out of me. At the end of the day, I had not written one thing I had intended about hearing Him! As I walked down the hallway to go to bed, I said outloud, “Lord, this is no magazine article! This is a BOOK!” Immediately the Holy Spirit washed over in waves and waves of His awesome Presence. It was so amazing, it would not stop. I was just melted in a puddle of goose bumps and warm waves washing over me up and down my body. I needed no other confirmation, it was such a powerful experience. It was THEN that I remembered the solid gold pen!!

Today I smile when I think of that first-taste, first-day, first-toe-in-the-water introduction that was long ago deleted. One of the things the Lord told me was, “The introduction wont last the book.” I had no idea what that meant until it all came to pass before the book got published. (smile)

I have been writing ever since that time. I have walked in the calling of His scribe and a prophetic intercessor, where I have spent most of my hours day and night recording His Words and carrying them in my heart... trusting Him to bring His precious Words to pass.

In 1997 He released me to be His witness of what I have seen and heard from Him and He led me step by step to release His seeds onto the internet. Many years prior to that I had a couple visions of the internet, His newspaper going through satellite, phone lines and cable lines. I had promises of it, but had no idea what it all meant since the internet was not yet in existence.

My passion to this day, in fulfillment of several visions is to build a huge storehouse for the children of the harvest to be fed and equipped in their faith and relationship with the Lord. They strongly need to be confirmed that yes they are hearing Him and they will take off rapidly in their own relationships, having it modeled for them. It is much better to teach one how to fish, rather than to hand him the prepared meal.

It is my earnest prayer and desire that the Lord draw you to His quickened Words that you need for your life. And that you will find the tools you need to be launched and established in your walk in Him. I ask the Lord to bless all those who feed at the Quickened Word and release His wonderful impartation of His Presence, comfort and edification.


In His loving kindness,



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